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Melnik Dmitriy

The acquired aplastic anemia, the very severe form
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Odessa region

Our Dima is almost 13. He was growing up an active and curious child. Dima was interested in football and didn’t skip a single training. He went to the competitions with his team. In spring 2013, after winter trainings in the gym they started training on the stadium. Dima complained of weakness. Soon we started passing the school commission. After the blood analysis we were sent to the Children Region Hospital (the hemoglobin index was lower than necessary).


The first time we addressed the Odessa Children Clinical Hospital was in April 2013, where we were instituted the two-week treatment at home but unfortunately it didn’t help. Since May 2013 we have been put into the in-patient department and were said the diagnosis: the three-spear aplastic anemia in a severe form. The two treatment courses in the Odessa Children Clinical Hospital didn’t lead to any results. Dima was at home for only four weeks for these almost a year and a half treatment. He misses his home and relatives very much. He hopes to come back to school very much, especially to his favourite class. He dreams of being like all the usual children, of being able to run or play something. When talking to the doctor, Dima tries to hear everything, he even hides behind the door to know everything. He is already an aduld and understands everything, he is very sensitive and cares about everything a lot. The only thing he does is he asks: ‘Is everything really so bad?’


When eavesdropping one of the conversations where the doctor mentioned the disability group Dima got upset very much and started crying. ‘I’m not disabled, I’m like the others, I have arms and legs…’

You do all you best to cheer him up and say that this all is temporary and once the day will come when all this rear will finish.


The last analysis of the sterna biopsy showed 13% of the blast cells. Because of this Dima’s treatment was stopped, only every week the doctors drip plateles and blood.


My heart shrinks every time the doctors sting the child’s veins (not talking about the blood analysis) to put one more peripheral catheter.


We are currently going to go to Belorussia for the medical inspection. It costs $ 10 thousand. We don’t have that money and we borrow the most part of it. Time is against us. There is no possibility to waste time as the child’s life is at risk.


Dima’s organism is very weak and tired of the treatment and the secondary effects which appear as a reaction to the medicines that have already been taken. The boy is very tired of struggling with the illness, but still he hopes to overcome it. But for this it’s urgently important to make a marrow transplantation from an unrelated blood donor. In Ukraine such operations are not made. We have received the bill from Belorussia and it is $ 170 thousand. For us this money is something not real.


We hope for your help very much as the child’s life depends on that.


I beg everyone who can not to pass our grief, help to collect the whole sum to make the marrow transplantation and for the treatment. . Dima hopes for your help as well. He often asks through tears: ‘How long is it possible to live like that? Tell them to make the transplantation’ not even thinking about the difficulty of this operation.


Please, give the child the cance to live.

You can see how it’s possible to help здесь.